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Looking for a Nearby Wellness Care Center?

If you’ve ever wanted to lower stress, improve physical functionalities or reduce pain, you’ll benefit from the health-boosting benefits found in your area wellness center. Welcome to Genuine Care Health and Wellness Center, Hinsdale’s resource for everything from area massage therapy to chiropractic care nearby. Conveniently set west of Hinsdale in Westmont, we’re the wellness care center that’s just a few minutes from you.

Come to us for a natural approach to health and wellness that includes skin care, nutrition education, acupuncture and massage therapy in the Hinsdale area. Committed to helping our patients achieve maximum functionality and health, we listen to you and your concerns, pointing you toward a path of greater overall health.

Services Offered at Our Area Wellness Center

Patients look for a Hinsdale wellness provider for many reasons – aches and pains, interest in greater functionality, desire for a more natural approach to health, etc. Whether you’re looking for help with improving your diet or services that drive greater immunity, our professionals are here to serve you.

Our wellness services include:

  • Chiropractic care: Treating the spine can be an effective way to treat the whole body. Because, the nervous system plays such a pivotal role in overall health. Come to Genuine Care Health and Wellness Center when you’re looking for personalized chiropractic care nearby.
  • Massage therapy: Whether you are interested in deep tissue massage or myofascial trigger point therapy, our therapists have the tension-relieving support services that cater to you.
  • Acupuncture: Many Hinsdale patients find tangible results through acupuncture, an ancient Chinese system of restoring the body’s balance. Whether you’re facing digestive issues or skin conditions, acupuncture may be an effective treatment option.
  • Nutrition counseling: Most people want to eat better but are often stumped about where to start. Through nutrition education, you can gain the tools to succeed through diet.
  • Wellness education: We regularly hold workshops and screenings geared toward empowering our patients with information that helps them achieve better health.
  • Skin and body care: Our in-house esthetician is backed by decades of experience with a host of skin conditions and complaints. Using Guinot products, we design customized skin programs for each of our patients.
  • Stress management: Because stress creates such havoc on the body, we focus on solutions for better stress prevention and management, giving you tools to combat one of your biggest health challenges.

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If you’re hunting for a Hinsdale wellness care provider where you’ll receive personalized, professional care, come to us. We’re your resource for taking the next step forward in better health.

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