Our Location

Located in Westmont, IL, Genuine Care Health and Wellness Center serves the entire Chicagoland area with natural health and wellness treatments aimed at creating a better lifestyle. We provide numerous treatments and therapies delivered with a natural, holistic approach, including:

  • Chiropractic Care
    Misalignment of the spine inhibits the human body to function normally and heal itself. It is very common that chiropractic adjustments help the body heal from things as simple as the common cold or flu to asthma. Learn more.
  • Massage Therapy
    For many people, massage therapy can help them with chronic muscle pain, relieve stress or recover faster from injuries. Learn more.
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is an ancient Oriental system where energy or Qi flows along pathways called meridians. At Genuine Care, our corrective care aims to eliminate or reduce the cause that brought you to us and give you relief. Learn more.
  • Wellness Education
    Our goal is to keep everybody in our community healthy. We achieve this goal by providing free workshops and health screenings. Learn more.
  • Nutrition Education
    We provide individual education nutrition and counseling to help you improve your life. Through nutrition education, nutrition therapy can help you improve health conditions like allergies, cancer, cardiovascular disease and much more. Learn more.
  • Skin and Body Care
    Our licensed esthetician provides care for acne, dehydration, pigmentation, fine lines, anti-aging and more! WE also provide Guinot products. Learn more.
  • Stress Management
    Learn about stress prevention and stress management from our Mind Body educator. Learn more about the Antidote to Stress.

We’re proud to help anyone looking for Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care in the Chicago area or any other type of natural treatment. We serve the Westmont area, including:

·       Westmont

·       Oak Brook

·       Downers Grove

·       Hinsdale

·       Oakbrook Terrace

·       Darien

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If you’re looking for a Chicago chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncture in the Chicago area, learn more about how Genuine Care Health and Wellness Center can help you live a more natural, healthier lifestyle, contact us to make an appointment.

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