Chiropractic: Restore Nerve Flowmodel of the natural spine

Is not only for bad backs. Spinal subluxations are specific sites of spinal malfunction causing irritation to the body’s central computer – the nervous system. When the spine is free of subluxations, health benefits follow and a person can express their full potential.
Published research indicates that Chiropractic Care reduces stress, anxiety and depression levels. As a result there is less need for strong pain relief medications or psychiatric drugs.


Nerve Flow / Malfunction

When there is a misalignment in your spine information from the brain to the body and vice versa is reduced causing malfunction, disease, and finally signs and symptoms. When medications are used to cover the signs and symptoms, only the effect is being addressed. Chiropractic removes the misalignment and thus the cause of the malfunction and disease are removed.

effect of chiropractics on the brain and body

Nerve Flow / 100% Function

When there is full communication from the brain to the body and vice versa we have a condition of 100% function encompassing physical, mental, as well as social wellbeing, and a state of harmony and balance or ease, free from pain and disease.

Ease:Complete Physical, Mental and Social well being, not merely the absence of disease (World Health Organization).


Spine Compression

A disc bulge or herniated disk puts pressure on the spinal nerve resulting in loss of function and pain.
spinal decompression

Nerve Flow / 100% Function

Therapy allows nutrition and hydration to return to the disc aiding its return to near-to-original shape. This removes pressure from the spinal nerve which allows the return of function and reduction in pain.